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Author: Michelle Wyman

Dr. Warren Smith, DBA

Prior to admission to the USPTO, Warren worked as a semiconductor manufacturing engineer in the US and Japan, and a consultant in the optoelectronics and optical communications industry. After a Fulbright Fellowship researching manufacturing technologies in Japan and earning a doctorate in operations and technology management from the Harvard Business School (while also attending additional engineering classes as MIT through cross-registration), Warren built a successful practice translating patents from Japanese into English and consulting with law firms in IPRs and infringement actions. Although new to the direct practice of patent law, Warren has participated indirectly in more than 6500 patent prosecution/litigation cases, and also brings the ability to service Japanese clients in their native language.

Warren enjoys flying his home-built ultralight aircraft and playing the bagpipes in a local band, the New Hampshire Pipes and Drums.

Warren can be reached at or by phone at 603-886-6100, x 7007.

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