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About Our Firm

Leaders in Intellectual Property Valuation, Protection and Management

Based in Nashua, New Hampshire, Maine Cernota & Curran is an intellectual property law firm of registered patent attorneys providing counseling and prosecution services to clients in the U.S. and abroad regarding patent, trademark and copyright valuation, protection and asset management. Our patent and trademark attorneys are variously licensed in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Maine Cernota & Curran focuses on intellectual property valuation, protection and management in the context of building a robust and successful business.

Why Choose Maine Cernota & Curran as Your Intellectual Property Law Firm?

  • Intellectual Fortitude: In addition to holding specialized law degrees, our patent lawyers boast strong professional backgrounds in engineering and the sciences. Since our partners understand the complex nature of the electrical, mechanical, chemical, biological, and software arts, we are able to more effectively assimilate technologies in these fields. The collective strength of our firm’s members allows Maine Cernota & Curran to accommodate corporations of all sizes, as well as law firms and patent agents in need of intellectual property expertise.
  • Comprehensive Legal Counseling: Our patent attorneys are available for early or late-stage counseling on all matters of intellectual property protection, including invention capture, drafting applications, research, infringement analysis, and prosecution of patent applications in the U.S. In addition to providing formal legal opinions, they will offer insight and practical advice designed to avoid pitfalls and streamline the planning process.
  • Responsiveness and Service: Building personal and productive relationships with clients is the cornerstone of our practice. Assisted by highly trained paralegal and support staff, our patent lawyers are able to meet our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. The attorneys at Maine Cernota & Curran employ a “hands-on” approach to all cases, and are readily available for consultations and troubleshooting when necessary.
  • International Capabilities: Using a qualified network of legal associates around the globe, the patent attorneys at Maine Cernota & Curran can readily assist clients filing for patent and trademark protection in foreign countries. In addition, we offer our comprehensive legal counseling services to non-U.S. law firms and companies seeking to file for patent and trademark protection in the U.S.

Selecting an intellectual property law firm is one of the most crucial decisions for your organization. We invite you to learn more about how Maine Cernota & Curran can help safeguard your company’s intellectual property rights for a secure and prosperous future.

Please contact us at (603) 886-6100 US to speak with one of our experienced patent and trademark attorneys.

U.S. and Global IP Protection:

 If you are seeking a reliable U.S. patent law firm that is accessible, effective and efficient, please give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Since 1993, we have provided U.S. intellectual property law services for clients throughout the U.S. and abroad, including patent and trademark prosecution and licensing, and IP portfolio management.

At Maine Cernota & Curran, we have a New England Attitude about cost, quality, client relationships, and great service. Call us at (603) 886-6100.