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Trademark Lawyer

Trademark Lawyer- When do you need one?

Certain famous trademarks represent some of the most valuable intellectual property assets in the commercial world. According to a 1993 study, the value of the Coca-Cola trademark was over $70 Billion! Microsoft, IBM, Ford, NBC, Maytag, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart, are well-known trademarks and valuable assets of their respective companies. And, there are trademark lawyers involved in protecting these trademarks every step of the way. Every company engaged in a public enterprise has a keen interest in acquiring and protecting effective trademarks that will clearly distinguish its goods and services from those of others.

A trademark lawyer can help develop and protect your corporate identity, brand identity, and related intellectual property. At the patent and trademark law firm of Maine Cernota & Curran, the trademark lawyers counsel clients on the selection, availability, use, registration, and maintenance of trademarks, as well as related issues such as trademark monitoring, trademark licensing, infringement conflicts and negotiations, consent agreements, and customs recordation.

Counseling on trademarks, service marks, trade dress and certification marks, as well as trademark clearing searches, infringement analysis, formal legal opinions, and filing and prosecution of state, national, and foreign trademark applications, and general trademark portfolio management are among the array of trademark services provided by the firm.

The best way to protect a trademark, corporate image, brand identity, and all intellectual property assets is to partner early with a competent intellectual property firm with experienced trademark attorneys on staff. At Maine Cernota & Curran, trademark law and protection is an everyday part of our practice. Contact this office anytime.

U.S. and Global IP Protection:

 If you are seeking a reliable U.S. patent law firm that is accessible, effective and efficient, please give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Since 1993, we have provided U.S. intellectual property law services for clients throughout the U.S. and abroad, including patent and trademark prosecution and licensing, and IP portfolio management.

At Maine Cernota & Curran, we have a New England Attitude about cost, quality, client relationships, and great service. Call us at (603) 886-6100.